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About Dr. Brian

       Thanks for dropping by.  I hope you enjoy the next few minutes.  I’ll let you in on me, what I do and my reasons for it.

       As a child, I was sickly.  I had multiple hospital visits for chronic infections that persisted until I was around 16 years old. At 15, I began training and competing in Olympic Weightlifting. At 16, I found myself in a bad situation.  Severe lower back pain, so severe that it would take me 30 minutes to get out of bed!  At 16 years of age!  I had to go to the coach after struggling with this for 3 months and tell him that as much as I wanted to, I could no longer train.  I had to quit.  He asked why and when I told him, he was furious with himself.  He took me to his office, took x-rays, told me what was wrong, and adjusted me.  You see, my coach was also a Chiropractor. I wish I could say the results were miraculous after one adjustment, but I can’t.  It took several months before my pain had greatly diminished.  Funny enough, my chronic earaches also disappeared!

        I continued training until I was 18.  I ended up competing for a couple of years on a national level, representing Victoria and then was selected to represent Australia.  I was offered a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Sport for grooming to compete internationally.  I chose, however, to follow my passion and purpose, to help as many people as I can- especially children.  So I packed my bags and flew out, on my own, to Davenport, Iowa to become a Chiropractor.

       Shortly after graduating, Dr. Daphne and I married.  She is a chiropractor too!  We have 3 awesome children, and they are some of the healthiest kids I know!  No hospital visits (except for broken bones) and no medications - prescribed or over the counter.  They have all been chiropractically examined and adjusted since birth.

        I enjoy and believe in being physically active.  I exercise 6 days a week and with weather and time permitting, bike ride and water ski.  I also enjoy woodworking and building things.  I’m just good with my hands.

        I now know that Chiropractic can help people in more ways than just pain relief.  I personally have seen improvement with chronic earaches and sinus problems.  My patients have relief from all kinds of symptoms that the average person does not expect.  You see, our bodies were designed to be healthy, and when there is a Subluxation, symptoms and diseases develop. That is why I am constantly learning and striving to be the best.  And we are seeing the most amazing Wellness Revolution happening here in our clinic.  We work together as a team, to get you a better and healthier quality of life while having fun too!

Thank you for learning about me….  Now I look forward to learning about you!

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